The Documentation

Want to know how to build, use and extend your rosco_m68k? You've come to the right place...

This is where you'll find all the documentation you need for your rosco_m68k.

Everything from how to build it to how to build extensions for it will be covered here.

We're currently working hard on this section, and would love to hear any ideas, suggestions or general feedback you have!

Getting started
Building your kit

Just received your kit and can't wait to get started? Check this section for everything you need to know.

Getting started
Connecting your rosco_m68k

How to connect your new old computer to your old new macOS® or Linux® computer

Getting started
Running the examples

Download and run the Enhanced BASIC interpreter, and other example programs.

Development Environment Setup
Toolchain installation

How to set up your coding environment on macOS® and Linux® (Windows® users are recommended to use a Linux VM)

Development Environment Setup
Building the software

Getting started with building software for your board is a breeze! This document tells you everything you need to know.